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Brief from client 

Satellite programs provider in Cameroon


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This looks like it's on the right track, but looks like a very first attempt.

I like the extended font and think it is a good choice. The website might be a bit too small. If enlarged you might try centering it.

I don't like the signal waves at the top of the db. However, I am thinking there is definitely a way maybe by changing the design to a bit more custom than generic and making the waves fit into the end D.

If it is supposed to be some kind of dish at the top of the letters it feels forced.

But that's your job to figure out.

Might explore a light/ shade of color inside the text somehow as well.
Lastly, at second glance - website is important and definitely has to be bigger it is almost illegible at that PT. size. You have the space.

You could also try just adding the .cam to the end of the logo, not sure if that would work with the waves as the D. Just throwing you some ideas.

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