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Budapest 2024 Summer Olympic Games candidate city logo bid.

Brief from client 

No brief from a client

Decided to add vertical bars on red and green rings to resemble the colors of Hungarian National flag, plus the fact that the name of the capital comes from two words named after two rivers - buda and pest.


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Felix? Is that you?

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What tipped you off? :)

cooperads's picture
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all of the logo butchering?

fredrg's picture
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or the assumption that the IOC would ever let you alter the rings.

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Only once the olympic rings were altered - Montreal 1976. That was the official logo, by the way. My concept here is a bid logo only. Normally bid logos only remain that way before the official logo is designed and chosen.

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Okay...for argument's sake, why would you put the ascender and descender at the end? Now it reads peanut butter. If you put them at the beginning or put the ascender in the middle, it would read in BudaPest.

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Seems they did it just to match the colors of the flag. It probably would look better if the blue was the B and the red the P as it would make it feel more connected with a clear start and end.

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