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Burg Life

Brief from client 

Want's something to promote for "Burg Life". It is short for St. Petersburg, Spartanburg, Lynchburg…lots of cities in the US. It is a brand/line of apparel, home décor, decals, etc. (sorta like Salt Life or Life is Good).


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> Spartanburg.

You mean South Carolina? I've been there way too many times.

Look. Salt Life works (even though i personally despise it, living in the South), because it is a specific style that caters to a southern lifestyle. Rivers, boating, beaches, gators, and beer basically.

Spartanburg and St. Petersburg couldn't be more far apart in lifestyle or aesthetic. And neither of their aesthetics match your logo.

I get what you're going for. This could be marketed to anybody living in a Burg city, but not in its current state. I would seriously start researching and getting comfortable with the lifestyle of these southern burg cities, and really get acquainted with what they will buy and what they will relate to.

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Each city has their own aesthetic, so it's not advisable to try to make something universal to just "burg" cities.

The sun would work for St Pete. Sunshine state and all that. As someone who currently lives there, the downtown area has a large hipster/artist population.
If you went with St. Petersburg, an artist I would suggest looking at for inspiration is Joshua Noom (as you'll definitely want to use hand-crafted typography). That gritty, slightly abstract style is very popular in the area.

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