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Burger Wave

Brief from client 

Italian hamburger restaurant chain inspired by Australian way of life


ErinsSonicYouth's picture
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I don't think this odd traffic sign is necessary for this.

If you're going for the vintage sign feel, I think it falls a bit short. The shape could work for aesthetics at your restaurant, but I think playing up that very nice burger symbol you have is a way better option.

Shawali's picture
1347 pencils

I'm with Erin on this one.

The losange frame is unnecessary here. Moreover, it totally kills the symbol which looks really interesting (but could use some work)

The main font is pretty cool. But the subtext font doesn't really work for me, as it doesn't really compliment the main one very well.

There's some cool potential here, keep it up!

Carlo_5's picture
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That burger Icon is really, really cool.

I agree that you definitely don't need the road sign. If you are going for a retro / vintage look, there are a bunch of other treatments you can try once the logo is nailed down.

The font looks clean but I am unsure if you may want a more "organic" looking font once you strip the logo down to the burger and text alone.

antknee's picture
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i dont see the connection between the street sign vibe with. 86 it. main font is dire, secondary font is, eh. i like them being different, but i'd dabble in other fonts.

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