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Christian H. Photography

Brief from client 

It's for myself, an amateur photographer (landscape, city, portrait, abstract,...)

The same, just inverted.


j.o.y's picture
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This looks nice...however, the camera to represent a photographer is over done- and sadly almost every time I see it it is done with the initials in the lens! So doubly over done! The most memorable part of this is the lovely "signature" feel you give to the name.
I did not give you a thumbs down in idea or symbol, as I said, the logo looks nice. But I would put some thought into finding something unique to you in order to create a more memorable logo. I'm sure you are not just "another guy with a camera..." so you don't want to be just another guy with a camera logo!

Shawali's picture
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I'm not really feeling this logo. I agree with Joy that the initials forms the camera idea seems dated an ubiquitous. If you're thinking about having an aperture symbol, forget it already =)

The symbol is also way too big compared to the word mark and overpowers it. The font is already barely readable. A logo should catch the attention at the very first glimpse.

Keep things simple!

Christian Hartmann Photography's picture

Thanks for the feedback to both of you. I have already made small changes, changing the spaces, the edges and some details...

Generally, I just researched a bit before designing this logo. I saw that the aperture symbol is way over done, didn't feel it that strong with the camera. Now that you two have mentioned it, I researched again a bit more logo with this concept... but another question...

I think it is more important be recognized easily as a photographer by everyone (having a similar logo than other people in this world, of course with a bit of design and so on) than having something totally different than all the other photographer, lets say using a tripod in my logo, but the "normal" people won't get it at the first sight, that this is about photography... you know what I am trying to say...?

My goal isn't to be brand Nr. 1 in the world, just that people in my area get to know me. I know some photographer, and I am following some other photographer in my region, and no one has the same logo concept.

About the font, I know it is not the best readable... but since I want to put it on my photos, a "handwritten-like" font combines a lot more than those "simple" ones like Arial...

Christian Hartmann Photography's picture

I have a new idea, just came to my mind. Probably also exists yet, but lets see... would be glad to hear your opinion ;) will post it soon!

frontdoor's picture
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Good start. I feel like the lines making up the camera are way to clean and uniform. It should have that hand drawn, imperfection look as the typeface you used. Just a quick thought.

Christian Hartmann Photography's picture

thanks a lot for the feedback! I am a bit confused and don't know if keep on working on this one. I will give it a try! another logo much more simple just using my initials would me this one...

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