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clothing logo

Brief from client 

Logo critique

Thanks for all the feedback, I appreciate it!


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I think this works well as presented, have you fully worked out how it will appear on different colors, dark, light, patterns (I'm assuming the clothing will be more than just black)?

big387's picture

Thanks for the input! Yes, I'm pretty dead set on the red and white combo so I think a stroke would do the trick (quick mock-up shown).

Carlo_5's picture
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Hey There,
When I look at this one my eyes flip back and forth from Basically the CS to a puzzle piece - then to two puzzle pieces - and then almost back to CS3

I think it's a cool execution and an interesting use of negative space. What if you made both the same color? Not sure, but I lose the 3 completely.

Now in the execution below I see the 3 but lose the CS to an outline puzzle piece.

big387's picture

It all depends on the color of the clothes

Print365's picture
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Love it

giancarlodt's picture

I had to focus too much to see the hidden 'C S 3'. Maybe try adding a frame that can help identify your idea.

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