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Club Brugge alternative logo concept.

Brief from client 

Alternative logo concept on the way to re-brand their iconic logo.


Mazen_Shokair's picture

Good design and nice colours, But can You provide more information about the logo?

I'll just tell about the things I can help with (Because the information about the logo is not enough), I provided a picture that'll help You understand the mistakes (Hope You understand the picture because it is messy XD )

First, The spacing between the circle and the lines on the top and bottom, The space between them is a little bit close so when You zoom out a bit or print te logo, It may look connected, So You have to make more space between them just to stay safe.

Second, If You look at the curve, It looks somewhat weird and that's because it is different from the top part of it (If You look at the provided picture You'll understand what I mean)

Third, The angle between the curved line and the straight line is very sharp, make it smoother.

Last, The circle looks big compared to the design, Try making it a bit smaller.

And BTW, There is no typography in this logo, That's why I didn't vote for it ':)

Hope You the best of luck!

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