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Codeing And Designer

Brief from client 

Adrima is A Husband and wife codeing and graphic design business


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Remove the small lettering of Adrima Design are not necessary repeat if you see you have it 3 times in the logo, a question why the arrow symbols on bottom side in your logo?

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I can't tell about the coding side of things, but the design part is not really good, unfortunately... Far from it.

Remember that a good logo is supposed to be 1) simple, not to be confused with simplistic, and 2) memorable, not to be confused with flashy and overloaded with cheap effects and tricks.

Your logo is neither of those two things.

First of all, the symbol is way too complicated as you tried to cram as much elements in it as possible. Keep in a mind that a symbol is more about leaving a impression than being informative. Nike's logo isn't a running shoe. McDonald's isn't cheeseburger. See what I mean?

Keep things simple. Here, we have the initials AD, with a pen icon clumsily thrown in the middle, which only complicates things further than they already are.

Than why add the brand name inside the symbol as you already have it below? And to make things even more complicated, you added the two bracket symbols, just to make sure people understand you do code.

The original problem of this logo is a blatant lack of research (know your ground, what other designers do, what brand strategy...), inspiration (let other people's work fuel your creativity. Pinterest is your friend) and the most important and crucial part of the process: SKETCHING. A lot of it. Computer turned off, only pen and paper. Sketch for hours. Sketch for days. This is best and most organic way to come up with a really idea.

You really need to consider these few pointers as your actual logo doesn't shine a particularly good light on your skills as a designer. But fret not! Just keep going creating logos, having them reviewed, fall down, get up, etc... it's all a matter of dedication and work. f you have the drive for it, which I'm sure you have, you will get there.

Keep it up!

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