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Coffee Talk Tuesday

Brief from client 

Coffee Talk Tuesday is a podcast/you tube show where I interview people, with a co host, who are making a difference in the community. It is light and fun but also informational and inspiring.

This is my old logo that I was using when it was just me as the host. Now I have a co host who adds a lot of flavor and pizzazz into the mix. We are interviewing a lot of people from the community who are making a difference and we get to hear their story. We give people a platform to talk and have fun while also celebrating who they are and what they bring to this world.


Shawali's picture
1344 pencils

This is not really a logo. It's rather a banner. The image is way too illustrative for a logo, which is supposed to be simple and memorable, boiled down to the bare essentials.

The logo part is just the word mark on the left, which could use a bit more work. For exemple, you could find a different yet complimenting font for the subtext "with Charlese".

Keep it up!

chalesestevens's picture

Thank you for your feedback! I am working on it, simplifying it for sure. I really appreciate you taking the time. What about something more like this? I'm actually going to even take the names off the bottom, I think.

Shawali's picture
1344 pencils

Yeah this is already 100% better ;)

Do take the names off as they are mostly unreadable.

I think you can simplify even further. I'd remove the circles in the background.

The font is really cool. I'm not sure that "Tuesdays" should be smaller, as it's part of the actual name. Unless of course there are other formats such "Coffee Talk Monday" But I don't think so.

The symbol is ok, nothing ground breaking but it does the job. Maybe try to push the whole mic/coffee thing further (hint: coffee grain = mic ;)

Keep it up, this is starting to look good.

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