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Collective Cleaners

Brief from client 

Employee-owned cleaning services start-up. They focus on using environmentally friendly products and treating their employees ethically by paying them a living wage and allowing them to have independent clients. They are looking for a logo that describes what they do while showing they are earth-friendly and empowered.

This is a very rough draft of the logo I've created for them. In it, I show two cleaners high-fiving each other while holding cleaning tools. They are inside a green half- sphere with buildings, which represents the earth.


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Hi and welcome.

Right off the bat, this is way too complicated. You try to cram too many ideas in there. You need to simplify drastically by boiling it down to the bare minimum. Remember that a logo shouldn't be as informative as it should be memorable.

Talking about very rough draft, you're better off sketching hundreds of ideas on paper rather than commiting to anything directly on screen.

Also, before that, do some market research on that particular type of business and then get inspiration from great logos (

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