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cookies & crumbles

Brief from client 

For a family run cake business, homemade cakes for all occasions, designed with a modern audience in mind.

Using a modern geometric typeface to appear friendly and warm. The orange parts in the type represent layers of a cake.

The family are happy with the design but one of them wants to change it to 'cookiesncrumbles' but i think the ampersand (&) works better, do you?


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It is interesting to have a cupcake as your symbol when the first word of your business is cookies. It is a nice, simple cupcake. Whatever you think you were going to accomplish with the half filled letters, it doesn't work. More than anything it is distracting. All and all it is a safe, clean logo. I would love to see what other ideas you sketched out before deciding on this one.

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Like i said in the description, its not my business amd its not up to me wwhat they name themselves, but i cant exactly use a cookie as a symbol aince that isnt what they do haha. Thanks for your input though it does help, would you recommemd changing the orange colour tomsomething easier on the eyes?

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The pink isn't really part of the logo. I guess I am confused by this whole concept of a business named for something they don't do. I know that isn't your responsibility. Blessings on you for trying to come up with something that works! I would play with the colors, but essentially you have an outline symbol. when you print a dark blue in line form it is going to read black, people aren't going to get a lot of color out of it unless you add some fills.

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I'm not using thumbs cause all down would be hostile and it really isn't your fault! lol Cooperads pretty much said everything I was thinking. Definitely ditch the idea of color inside the letters. I personally would keep the ampersand ('n' just seems goofy to me most of the time). As for the cupcake that isn't a cookie (so weird) I do see one thing you could clean up- the central line on the icing lines up at the bottom and the one just to the right of it doesn't- I think it should line up the same at the bottom. It is a very nice illustration though! Really not bad, all things considered! =)

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On the cupcake. I feel like the right side should be more similar in overall shape to the left. The left side has nice, round shapes, but the lefts side is more slab-like, and the lines end too close to each other. The right could be a lot more circular to balance the frosting out. You could also round the edges of the wrapper at the very bottom slightly so they're not so sharp.

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Agreed you could even out the shape of the right side by lifting the strokes up a bit to match (not exactly though) The right side.

Overall I like the cupcake, and it makes me want one with the cherry and vanilla frosting. As it is an organic object, I don't think both sides should be exact, as they would slightly differ in real life.

I'm wondering if you can eliminate the leaf and stem from the cherry and still get the same effect. You'd have to toy.

The layers of cake in orange are totally not working. Especially due to them being horizontal, vertical, on stuck to the underneath and sitting on top of the letters, too confusing. What they do look like is some sort of font area corrections to do, or a measurement tool. Maybe you can narrow it down to just the O's and make them dripping or something that is easily understood, otherwise I would suggest elimination.

I do happen to like the font though.

I know it's not your company but I don't understand why they want to be called cookies&crumble if they don't make cookies. Why not cakes&crumbles or crumbles&cakes?

Agreed ampersand works better. At least for my taste.

Like the colors so far.

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