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Craft Work Emblems

Brief from client 

We need a logo design for a company that produces upscale automotive emblems. We use old-world manufacturing techniques to produce emblems reminiscent of those found on the hoods of cars in the '30s and '40s but yet, based on modern designs and themes. Our products are intended to replace the common sticker for the customer willing to spend a bit more. Our emblems are always based on a circular design and so, our logo should be too. I would like our logo to incorporate a "C" and "W" as per our namesake.

Must have
1.) must have a circular design, 2.) must have a "C" and a "W" incorporated into the design 3.) must say "Craftwork Emblems" 4.) must feel "upmarket," "classy" or "luxurious" a customer should see the logo and think "luxury good" 5.) The design needs to incorporate some "intricate" elements (our emblems do so our logo must as well)
Nice to have
We would also like to utilize some modern elements. I understand that this is a tall order when you need to ALSO be "lux" and "upscale" and our products have some old-world quality to them.
Should not have
The design should not feel out-right modern or look like a logo for a software company.


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I like it so much.
It's a pity tha the small script are too much small.

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If I understand your post, you are looking to have someone here redesign your logo. This isn't the forum for that. This forum is to critique what you have.

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I think Bishop just copy/pasted the brief here. He designed this himself.

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