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Critique needed for logo redesign!

Brief from client 

This is the logo of SchakelTeamTiel.

SchakelTeamTiel (STT) is a riding team/group of people who enjoy riding on their moped or anything that has 2 wheels and comes with an gearbox.

The target audience of STT is 16 to 24 years old since you can get a moped license once you become 16. The group is open for everyone that lives in the area of ''Tiel'' a city in the Netherlands.

I've designed this logo a while ago but now i study graphicdesigning it bothers me somehow and I want to redesign this logo really bad but i cant think of any fixes i can do to it lol.

If anyone wants to help me out, thank you! Iam open for some critique or tips.


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Yes, there is a way to improve your symbol. Take a look at the first letter by itself - there are two " T's " on the top and bottom portion mirror imaging each other. So, with some work and simplification - you will get yourself a very memorable looking logo. I think that you, also, might consider more modern cool looking font.

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