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CS personal Logo

Brief from client 

I am the client. This is my initials created from Two Cees. For Cee Ess
or CS.

Logo used for this site and my personal email.

From the old one.

I want something simple that I can place in small digital places.


Shawali's picture
1294 pencils

It reads C5.

xKillswitch's picture
423 pencils

I read it as C5 as well.

Just a subpar monogram we've seen on the forums here several times. Nothing memorable or unique. It doesn't say anything about you or your design ability. Instead, it sends a message that you're a budget logo designer.

antknee's picture
4 pencils

i read C5 as well. Needs to be pushed.

JNF Design's picture
37 pencils

I think this is an improvement from your "S" design from before but still needs a lot of work. I see that your username has a 5 in it. Is it supposed to be a 5 in the mark?

Carlo_5's picture
12 pencils

Yes, this was just for here and one of my personal emails. Just like the old one.

It is intended to be C5 which the 5 can be interpreted as an S if you know my name. But here my name ends with 5.

Here's some toying with color.

j.o.y's picture
238 pencils

^^^^ ooh ooh 1992!! lol This is a big ol no for me. Looks super dated and a bit amateur.

However (in FLAT color) I do prefer this much more over the CS one you posted before. They just need more personality- its a "personal" logo after all!

Carlo_5's picture
12 pencils

LOL - Totally 1995.

I screw with it a bit more. Did you go back to the first one and look at the other old ones I dug up?

Carlo_5's picture
12 pencils

If you go back to the first one - there were some other old versions I dug up while looking for the overlap which I am thinking I deleted. Oh well.

But yes C5 is intended. 100%

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