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Danish Society for Extracellular Vesicles

Brief from client 

A new society need a new LOGO – so please turn on your creativity!!
We will welcome all your suggestions for our new logo and the selected logo will be awarded at the general assembly on the 3rd of October.
The logo should be useable for both web and printing, so more variation could be needed.

These extracellular vesicles are some small particles (100 nm diameter) and are secreted by various pathways from cells in the body


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I'll just answer here for all your posts.

Unfortunately, none of them works. Overall, they are way too complicated, with too many elements and very dated effect (bevel and emboss, really?) They need to be drastically simplified.

For me, this comes from a lack of preparation. Before even turning on Illustrator or whataver soft you use, the biggest and most important part of the creative process is all aabout RESEARCH (know what you're dealing with, the market, the competition, etc.) INSPIRATION ( and most importantly SKETCHING. A lot of it, actually. Hours upon hours if needed be, this is how you come up with cool ideas organically rather than letting the software dictates what you can or cannot do.

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