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Diogo - stained glass art

Brief from client 

First of all, its been a looong time since my last logo, i´ve miss it... I would love to make logos everyday :D

Just for fun,i made this logo for DIOGO, an artist of "vitrais" (i think its called stained glass in english, like those used in big churches and cathedrals)

The idea was to make its name into a "vitral" look

Although i didn´t want to use any symbol, the four circles can be united to create a graphic pattern that could be used in stationary, business card, website.... Ill post it on the comment section.


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I completely lost the i the first couple of times I looked at it. I thought it said DOGO, then I looked at the top of your brief to se diogo.

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I agree, this logo is too hard to read.

The stained glass idea is potent, but having it on all character is a bit overkill in my opinion.

Keep things simple. Have just one character with that effect and make sure the work mark stays legible.

Keep it up!

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