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Discos Renteria

Brief from client 

Not for a client. This label is about music. I will appreciate any type of feedback honesty is allowed.

This logo is related to music. A label that specializes in the music industry and goes in cover arts. BTW I'm not a professional. I did it just for fun.


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Just some questions, why the cowboy hat and what does the "CR" stand for?

Besides that the symbol and colors aren't working for me. The symbol seems a bit random with the "CR", cowboy hat, and a record disc. Same with the colors in the corner. My guess is since disco balls are colorful at times is the reason for the colors. Without background info these don't feel like they make sense all grouped together.

I'd recommend having some fun with it. If the cowboy hat is related make a badass disco ball symbol and have the plates that make up a disco ball have a cowboy hat shape somewhere in it just as an example for an idea.

As for the type it isn't bad or anything and it feels groovy which fits with disco and if that's what you wanted it works.

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This is a personal design for self-use. The cowboy hat stands for the way I wear my hat tilted in my head as it appears on the letters, it also represents the country genre and the CR are my initials. Thanks for the FB.

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