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Brief from client 

that's just a logo for myself, for an hypothetical luthier shop.

it's a little joke from "diversi" (different) and "suoni" (sounds) and also "diversione" (guess what, diversion :D ), so it's a meaningful joke (i hope). the idea is to make stringed instruments, thus the 3 strings "shadow".


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Hey there!

Right off the bat, this logo reads "Diversuon".The final i looks too different from the rest of the characters and just looks like a symbol. A font is a complex system of sizes and proportions and changing even one small details would derail the whole thing.

I'm not a fan of the basic idea, which looks forced to me. I'm sure there are way more creative ideas to create a logo for a luthier. Also, why only 3 strings. Does this particular luthier specialized in balalaïka? ;)

Here's my advice. First off, do a bit of research and check out what luthiers branding looks like, identify the trends, etc. Then, get inspired: Finally, turn off the computer and sketch with pen and paper for a few hours until a really cool idea comes up.

Keep it up!

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"Does this particular luthier specialized in balalaïka?"
no, in appalachian dulcimers :D
anyway, thanks!

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