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Brief from client 

School Project.

School Project. This is for a beauty company. The symbol contains lower case letters D and B to represent my name. It also symbolizes an ox because we have a company that strives to be honest which is what the ox represents.


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I like the thinking behind this logo, especially now that we enter into the year of the Ox in the lunar calendar.

Now, be careful not to try to cram too many elements and too much symbolism in your logo. Simplicity always win.

The symbol itself looks blurry and pixelized. Be sure to execute your logos on a vector based software, like Illustrator and not pixel based, like Photoshop.

I'm not sure about that font, that doesn't really scream "beauty". Check out logos from world-famous companies from the same field (l'Oréal, Pantene, Schwarzkopf, etc.) to get an idea of what the standards are.

Also, do you really need that umlaut on the Ö? It gives your logo a Mötley Crüe feel ;) Not sure if that what you were going for.

Keep it up!

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