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Dra Edimaria

Brief from client 

Clinica de Psicologia



Shawali's picture
1288 pencils

Way too overcrowded and needlessly complicated. Too many leaves, birds and colors.

There seems to be some pixel based elements in this symbol, mostly the birds. This is going to be a big problem when the symbol will be expanded in size. It should be 100% vector.

The main font is alright and the subtext compliment it wekk. But you need to remove that weird "CRP 17/3764" thingy. I guess it may be required for administrative reason or what have you, but it has nothing to do in the logo itself. It just complicates things more.

I think you could get rid of the symbol altogether and you'll have an ok logo.

Also, please use English to present your work. Not everybody can read Spanish. Gracias!

ErinsSonicYouth's picture
79 pencils

This could be a beautiful logo with the lettering alone. If you truly wanted some bird and leaf decoration with it, make it flow from the logo and make it minimal.

But I think you should just get rid of the tree altogether, and stick with the lettering. It would make this a knockout.

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