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Dy's cafe

Brief from client 

a logo for coffe shop or cafe

a new version of the logo with different approach of style


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Well this is different! I like this style but there are some technical problems to tweak: Kitchen is off-centered. The bottom portions of the ribbon are larger than the middle portion, and might look better if they follow the same slant, as opposed to being straight (that will be up to your judgement). The "2016" thing is better (in my opinion) left to businesses that have been around for a while- I usually say 15+ years. And it is so small it looks unimportant anyway.
On a positive note, I am now quite fond of the flower/coffee mug- I think that could be a great marker that will stand alone to represent the business when the whole logo isn't used (for collateral materials n such). Have you considered putting a small round center to the flower to make it more obvious as a flower?? Just a thought.
Keep at it =)

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