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Eat Sleep JDM

Brief from client 

Not a lot of briefing, but here's what i got. "Need a logo to represent this group that is nice and bold, that can also be used as a shirt design. and a nice outline around it! Basically something with JDM influence. Specifically want a Red White and Black color scheme, let me see what you got.

Logo for a JDM (japanese domestic market) car fan group. went for a bold look with the big part being JDM because thats what the group is about, and kept the eat sleep part a bit smaller and justified to the left. Although the negative space to the right of "eat sleep" seemed very odd looking and i filled it with..i dont really know what to call it really, but i guess like a modern looking speedometer, I wanted it to have a race feel to it. Then theres a star on the left with the inside being somewhat of a Japanese flag look..the left arm of the star is inverted into the star and is lined up with the negative space below the top of the J in JDM to give it the look of movement or speed.


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First of all, Japanese Star? Since when Japanese is associated with a Star? I know the Sun is also a Star, but it is a shot and miss here. Your attempt for the Japanese Flag look is also a miss here.

I really don't know if you are serious or just goofing around with this logo, with the slogan that says "Eat Sleep" it is very difficult to take this logo seriously. Eat Sleep Slogan and Japanese Car Fan Group do not really go along well. I'm just wondering what in the world this group main activity? Is it Eat Sleep in your Japanese Cars?

I also don't know if that "Speedometer" works well with your slogan (If you want to call that a speedometer), because Eat Sleep do not appear to be Speedy to me. For I can think of, Eat and Sleep does not actually takes you from point A to point B in a jiffy.

Also what the hell happened to that poor letter "D" of the JDM? Did you just alter the shape? It looks like the letter "D" been eat sleep too much it grows a beer belly.

I think that's enough said from me, don't even want to go to the letter "J" anymore.

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