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Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical logo

Brief from client 

This is a logo for a Home Service Company in Utah that specializes in Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical work.


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This is a logo that I did for Expert. I am wondering if this works for print etc... Any feed back will be helpful.

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There several problems with this logo. The main one being that the symbol has way too many details in it while being so small. At this size, it's already impossible to identify what those details are. At a smaller size, they will disappear altogether. So no, it won't really work for print.

Also, a yellow font on a white background makes it somewhat hard to look at.

The drop/comma thing is a nice touch but feels like an afterthought and doesn't really bring anything to the logo.

Globally this logo isn't really working. The subtext, which shouldn't be an integral part of a logo, steals some of the focus that should be on the wordmark. A complimenting font would give more personality to a rather dull logo. And the symbol, which is a simplistic rendering of a house is rendered complicated with the addition of these microscopic pictograms. Lastly, the kerning is way off.

I hope that helps!

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