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Fairleigh Dickinson Knights Athletics

Brief from client 

I decided to redesign the Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights Athletics logo for practice. The current athletics logo which is a knight/horse chess piece, is old and tired and is in need of a reboot. I wanted to design something that looks more intimidating that the current logo, but also something that could easily be reproduced on athletic apparel. This is concept art only. This rebrand is not an official logo or representation of Fairleigh Dickinson


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This really is a drastic improvement to their current logo, I must say.

It does check all the boxes you were going for. intimidating, bold, and this could absolutely be easily reproduced in its current state.

I'm not love with the fairleigh dickinson font. I can see how you came to the conclusion of using it, given the school's current branding, however I think there are so many great serif fonts to choose from that this one ends up feeling a bit dated. Watch your kerning there as well, Dickinson is looking a big wonky.

The Knights font works for me, just work out a couple tweaks with the blue outline (particularly with the K and the S).

Also, the blue space at the bottom just looks like unused real estate. Have you considered bumping the "Knights" down a bit, giving your horse a bit more neck, and really push to give the impression that the horse is learing at its opponent? That would be my solution for that empty space anyways.

All in all, good work.

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