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Brief from client 

Software logo for carbon steel pipe distributor.

Continuing with my series of colourful gradient bird logos, the feathers are meant to be molten pipes flying out of the forge. Tried to match the font to the feather shape (using gotham rounded), maybe it looks too cartoony & not industrial enough?


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I have a couple of concerns, but overall I really like this. I think the subtext is too small compared to the name. I also think this would work really well in shade of grey for the bird and put the color in the name. That might make it more industrial. I am assuming this wouldn't be used for embroidery!

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great ideas, will try them in a minute, & no embroidery :) it doesn't look good in a single colour (just looks like a blobby crow), but maybe if the inner pipes are negative space...

Version history

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  • Version 2

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