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Flower Growth

Brief from client 

No brief, no client. Just for fun...
A friend of mine would like to be a florist and was searching for flowers so i´ve invented a little exercice for fun.

Idea: The symbol was based on the idea of growing plants inside vases (like florists do) it represents the borning of the seed, the first folliage, and roots...
I have a huge deficit on tipography so i tryed to create my own (for the first time), based on the same style of the symbol.


Shawali's picture
1295 pencils

Nice! Is that a custom made type? If it is, congrats, it looks great!

The symbol is nice but needs some work. First, I would give its strokes the same thickness than the font. I would also make sure that its height matches the one of the word mark. Or that the rectangle does with the roots and the flower popping out below and above the word mark respectively.

This is off to a great start! Keep it up!

EdgarSacadura's picture
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Yes it is, although it needs some work like joy pointed out. Maybe I'll even make all the letters just for fun. I'll work on it a bit more :) thanks

j.o.y's picture
238 pencils

I disagree- I think the type could use a little more work. The W's look like little butts! And the H needs simplifying- maybe keep one upward stroke straight? I think it would match better. But overall you did a good job of matching your symbol.

EdgarSacadura's picture
9 pencils

Indeed, the type needs more work, tomorrow I will improve it. I totally see the buts now lol, maybe if I straight the bottom part will solve it, I'll work on it tomorrow. Thank you!

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