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Brief from client 

I need something simple and objective but that conveys some meaning in my area of ​​performance.
speech therapy
Preciso de algo simples e objetivo mas que transmita algum significado na minha área de atuação. fonoaudiologia

The logo Fono & Audio Health will represent a company (clinic) in the area of ​​speech-language, the idea of ​​symbology is, sleep waves represent the sound that comes out of the mouth (Audio) and is absorbed by the ears (Fono) so the idea of be represented in an increasing and soon after decreasing.
I hope you can absorb the idea and context of the briefing. I look forward to everyone's impression.
O logotipo Fono & Áudio Saúde irá representar uma empresa (clinica) na área de fonoaldiologia, a ideia da simbologia é, as ondas sonoas representam o som que sai da boca (Áudio) e é absorvido pelos ouvidos (Fono) por isso a idéia de serem representados de forma crescente e logo apos decrescente.
Espero que consiga absorver bem a ideia e contexto do briefing. Aguardo ancioso a impressão de todos.


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Unfortunately, I don't really see the simplicity in this logo. On the contrary, it is needlessly complicated.

The symbol is interesting but poorly executed. You need to spend much more time finding a better way for the two parts to intersect without creating a visual mess.

As for the word mark and subtext, well, there's just too much. I guess you don't really have a say in the name of the business, but you need to find a way to simply this drastically. Right now, there are 3 different font sizes and 3 different colors. That's way too many!

There is definitely potential in this logo, the composition and color choices are cool. It just needs to be simplified.

Keep it up!

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way too much subtext, it needs to be shortened as the point made above. concept for the icon is good, but needs to be simplified and revisited.

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