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French Pastry Business

Brief from client 

Make french pastries to sell. the words Amour Patisserie translate in english to Pastry Love

Any feedback would be great!


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Hi there.

I get where you are going with his but you have a major problem here.

The aquarelle looks nice and all but you're going to be very limited when you'll need to blow the logo in size. This is obviously scanned and it looks already a bit blurry. You need your logo to be entirely made out of vector if you don't want any problems.

You can achieve this aquarelle feel with vector but it's going to take some work .
Not a fan on the choice of font for the subtext. This is a cool script font, but here there are too many similar character in each word that it kinda look like the same word twice. It kinda of defeat the purpose of the script font when too many characters are repeated too many times.

Keep it up.

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