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Fresh Ink

Brief from client 

Brand identity for my freelance graphic design services.

Following on from my previous upload "PIXEL8" i'm still in the process of creating a brand identity for my freelance graphic design services. Feedback appreciated :)


cooperads's picture
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I like it but I am not certain you need the negative space "i" in there. If I were to imagine how this would embroider at a small scale, I am not certain that would work.

Shawali's picture
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Meh, I'm really not feeling the i in the negative space. It feels forced and doesn't really say anything specific.

The rest looks pretty well crafted. Great choice of color.

davidherron's picture

Thanks for the feedback, I agree the “fi” looks forced and to be honest there may be no need for it. I have already been putting a social media page together and experimenting with the limitations of this logo. See attached profile image/icon which I think requires the logo to be adjusted and I think this works for this purpose alone.

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