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G2 band

Brief from client 

Having played in all form of music in the last 15 years, ranging from classic rock, heavy metal, fusion and blues. Jiten has finally discovered his true love - BLUES ROCK !!! more aptly can be described as ‘Aggressive Emotional Expression of Life’s Experiences through music‘ Today ‘G2 LIVE’ (Formerly known as ‘Just Chill’), performs it’s own brand of music drawing influences from Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, ZZ Top, SRV & John Mayer Trio.

The band sticks to playing improvised version of covers and own compositions with no two renditions same, as the theme is based on a perpetual jam session. The show itself is a continuous interplay between the artists and the songs progresses cued in by the skills,emotions and interface with the audience.

A typical set will include tracks composed by BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, J J Cale, ZZ Top and other similar artists. also thrown in will be versions of Pink Floyd, Guns n Roses, Rush, Led zeppelin etc, the band also indulges in spaces dedicated to Indian and Mediterranean musical flavours.


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I think the idea is good, but right now it's a bit too sharp. I would it would work better if instead of the outline you would have a different color next to black rather.

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