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Gasp architecture

Brief from client 

Based in Beijing and London, GASP is a motivated team of international creatives with strong roots in architecture. We understand how to define spaces using a cross-cultural design language. Our creative process transcends traditional approaches by designing for eco-friendly scalability and organic social impact within communities.
GASP solve problems for people & their surrounding environments. We want future generations to prosper from our architectural planning, oversight, and the resulting space. Each design raises the global standards of architecture by prioritizing experience. We aspire for someone to gasp at their first interaction with our reinvented spaces. Our process is about maximizing the positive outcome from our architectural designs.
Our company takes social & environmental responsibility over the designs we produce. It’s our mission to enrich the lives of others. I can say with certainty that the logo will need to visually translate the concept of inclusivity & high-grade

I tried to create an interconnection between the letters of gasp to represent the brands message in an abstract form and also create a kind of structure.

Appreciate your contribution


JNF Design's picture
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I actually quite like this! The single line spelling out gasp feels like a lattice. I wonder if you could push the mark even further and would love to see it with a thicker stroke and possibly some distress?

My biggest gripe with the logo is "Architecture". It feels like an afterthought and sticks out awkwardly to the left. I think it could work much better if it was somewhat removed from the mark. Maybe centered below it or worked in to an enclosing element surrounding GASP. If you do add this, you may want to also add GASP in the same font as ARCHITECTURE to that element as the lattice is hard to read until you know what it says.

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