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Glitzy Sun

Brief from client 

I do not have a client I did this design just for fun.

This logo is a company that produces sunblock.


cooperads's picture
188 pencils

This doesn't work on many levels. The drop shadows make no sense and are very distracting. The brown drop behind the red is abrasive to the eye, then you put a black drop shadow behind the G and S. I am not loving on the brown in general. I don't see this an effective logo for a sunblock. Sorry, not working for me.

jback's picture
3 pencils

No offense, but i assume you are not a designer. Just lose the drop shadow, all of them, then try with another combinations of colors and fonts, then try to make the brown triangle and the sun a lot smaller, and try to play with this and the tipography, this is in case you really wanna use this concept...i highly recomend you to do some sketches before using the computer.

cheburashka 3's picture
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Besides all the recommendations above - you must nail the main message in your design - that this product is a sunblock. If you find a clever way to accomplish that - that will be a job well done deal! So, while you do sketches keep that in mind.

cowskinner1's picture

Ok I am going to start from the beginning. I am going to keep the title though. Scratch everything off. I know that the colors that I used do not match. The colors represent more of a dusk time. If you actually got it. I'll sketch a sun as it appears at noon. People would definitely use sunblock often at a beach I will incorporate that idea. I am glad I received feedback. I want to be a designer as a profession.

Murawski's picture
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As long as you keep at it and actually appreciate feedback and learn from it, which it seems you do, you're on the right path. You'll get better the more you do it just like anything.

One tip I'll give is whenever you are starting a project get a piece of paper and write down every idea that comes to you no matter how stupid or bad they may be. Usually what comes to mind first is rarely good enough to go with but, writing all of it down gets it out of your mind and you can start picking what works and what doesn't before even touching a computer.

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