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Golden Eagle Golf

Brief from client 

Working on an icon redesign for Golden Eagle Golf Club. The whole concept was to be more straightforward, obvious, and iconic. The icon is exactly the name–an eagle coloured gold–to make it simple and memorable.

The new logo addresses the problems I noticed with the current design: It removes any awkwardness felt by the text to find structure–text can be placed above, below, or on either side of the new icon and maintain strength and balance; it addresses the odd colour scheme currently being used–"gold" is in the name of the brand, not brown, black, red, or green; it's a stronger image–the current line design is quite messy; it can shrink to very small sizes and still be legible.

I haven't played with any fonts yet, just focusing on the icon first. I also need to clean up some of the vector points, especially around the feet, but just haven't got around to it yet.


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I guess it's way too early in the process to give any feed back.

As of now, you just outlined a picture of an eagle found on Google Image and put it in a yellow circle.

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Yeah that's true. Is there any problem with that? I mean, I understand I need to clean up the edges still but the idea of keeping things dead simple stays the same.

The client got back to me saying they're not interested in changing anything so I'm not gonna spend anymore time on it. I do ads for them often enough and their current logo is awful. I was hoping they'd be open to the idea.

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Papyrus alert!!! =) It's a terrible logo indeed.

I'd keep working on a new a logo. But make it a killer one and see what they think about it.

But as of now, what you got is clearly not enough. Even if you clean the edgers, you don't have that creative twist that will make it stand out.

Funnily enough, A few years ago, we designed an insigna for the Afghan equivalent of the SWAT. They wanted an eagle as their emblem and your eagle looks a lot like the one we did. To the point I thought you used the same image as model.

I'll try to find it to show you.

Version history

  • Version 1

    • I 100%
    • S 50%
    • T 0%
    • C 100%
  • Version 2

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    • S 100%
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