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hair and makeup

Brief from client 

Personal logo for hair and makeup artist.
Girly, pinky... You need to be able to recognize what she is doing.

I know it´s very very cliche way to handle it.
The name is her signature.


cooperads's picture
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You would have a tough time enlarging this design because, if I am correct, the kiss is an image not a vector. the signature alone is attractive enough to use. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, sweetie!

Matt_B's picture
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You should vectorize the lips & make them a solid light pink, & try some other lockups for the 'hair & makeup'.

Carlo_5's picture
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This is really an attractive logo. Although it might be a cliché treatment, that seems to be blown away by how nicely the signature fits in between the cracks of the lips. So thumbs up on that. Thumbs down on the "Hair and Makeup" definitely go for a classic fashion mag font like Futura or Avant Garde, if you can't get a copy of AG, then download TeX Gyre Adventor. It's pretty much an exact copy without the Ligatures.

Now, you do need a vector version which should not be hard to achieve yet, this will work for a ton of printed applications. Nice job. Nothing sexier than the cracks in a women's lips!

If you move hair and makeup up slightly you should be able to use Futura Light at appx 75 to 100 + tracking.

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