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Hair Extensions Logo

Brief from client 

This is a logo for a company that sells wigs and long hair extensions.

Here is an update. I definitely agree that there was a disconnect between the hand dawn part and the lobster font. Next time I definitely want to make start from scratch. I also agree that the font doesn't really convey luxury, but I think the hair motif was more important so I decided to stick with the approach and simply modify letter forms to better match the L's。


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I don't think the extra features added anything. I would consider dropping this font all together. It is holding you back from a truly classy logo. Think along the lines of contemporary, san-serif fonts. Or a thin serif font. Keep after it but try abandoning this concept all together. You might find that it is holding you back. We all get to a point where we try to force something to work, it rarely does.

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I totally agree with Coop. Kudos to you for attempting to trick out Lobster though. Unfortunately, for me, this is a putting make up on pig situation.

Also, these flourishes only complicate things and the disconnect between the hand made stuff and the font itself are still very visible and you created inconsistencies by modifying only a few characters.

As I said for version 1, you should go all in on the hand drawn letters.

Version history

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