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Hikers Hub Logo

Brief from client 

A logo mockup I created for a HIkers Hub Application

I decided to choose 5 different color for the triangles that represents mountains the reason I chose different colors is to show unity among different races/colors the reason I put an ellipse above is to know that if we stand together we can achieve everything. I also didnt center the triangle in the middle to show asymmetry because mountains aren't perfect haha


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In this, I think maybe varying the heights of the triangle mountains might be better than off centering them- my eye just can't unsee that they are off! It makes the whole thing seem just a tiny bit off balance.

The colors- I am on the fence! They are not the typical/expected shades of green/brown- which is nice. But they are a bit feminine in my opinion. Maybe play with different hues of those colors???

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Love the concept. I agree with Joy's comment above about the colors. I think the yellow color for the front mountain is too light, particularly if this will be used on a white background. I'd drop the green a little too so it isn't so neon. I'd change the blue in the logo to match the blue text, and then I'd rethink the magenta, lavender, seafoam colors.

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