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HK - Personal Monogram: (Hudami Kocaturk)

Brief from client 

Monogram icon for me.

Hello, Brandsoftheworld Creatives!

For my first shot, here is my personal logo: A monogram icon of HK.
I have been working on my personal identity or self branding for a while now. It can be hard to brand yourself but I believe I have arrived at a clean, strong mark that showcases my values as an individual and as a creative.

Thanks for watching!


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169 pencils

I have a little trouble with this, I go back and forth between seeing HK and HC.

I think the curved bottom of the K is really throwing me off.

I would like to see other variations you worked with.

Hudami's picture

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it!

I'll try to take into account all the things that are important in a situation like this.

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