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Hurl Page

Brief from client 

I am new to Logo Designing.
Out of 4 random words from word generator, I selected "Hurl Page" as it makes more sense.

I assumed that "Hurl Page" is a wiki site and tried to come up with logo ideas out of which the following 3 has been finalized by me. This is the 1st logo.

Please let me know the mistakes and the improvements which I need to make.
Also, please tell me if I have used excessive objects in the logo.

Thank You


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Sorry for the late feedback.

This is the most interesting of the 3. It's a good basis for a potential cool logo.

The stacked rectangles system is a good idea. It's all neat and tidy. But the randomly placed and tilted white rectangles clash with this system.

I'd spend a few more hours sketching out on paper to refine the idea.

Keep it up!

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