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Brief from client 

This is a small business in Belize dedicated for Graphic Designing and web development.


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Dedicated for Graphic Designing and Web Development.

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I don't really know where to begin. I think you were likely off to a good start then lost it with the clip art.

Idea - and showing a lightbulb is redundant, too easy and has been done 1000 times, definitely stay away. IMO

The A shape is a bit too skewed and due to it cutting off part of the E it makes the proportions of the letters look off. Also what is that? A paper airplane? It is interesting but needs some fleshing.

The font may work but there is too much going on between the bulb the A and E that it is confusing to the viewer at first glance. Maybe play with the word code, instead of idea.

Last -
"Engaging Purposeful and Creative" seems like part of sentence rather than your Mantra.

So it needs either commas "Engaging, Purposeful and Creative"

Or better yet

Lastly, we have no idea it is a web / design company.

Since creativity is expected maybe change your tag altogether,
to Engaging Graphic Solutions - IDK just a suggestion.

I'm gonna reserve my votes until there is a new version.

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