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Brief from client 

We are a group of people who start a company in the future and my task is to make a good logo. I'm new to logo design and started making some fictional companies logos first to practice as I have no experience. I read some basic design guidelines and observered other peoples work, but that it is. Please give me some feedback


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I like the stability of the box. Don't know if you need the rounded rectangle on the interior, might be okay squared off.

Biggest problem I see here is the letter "I". It looks like either a J or half of a T. didn't even know it was the letter "I' until I reread the title of the post--just bad typography. Maybe change it into a negative space letter I by pulling the dangling part down to meet with the serif on the bottom.

Interestingly, I read this as a comet or something like that flying right to left.

Also like the color.

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