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Indoor Rowing Fitness Studio

Brief from client 

Create a logo for an indoor rowing fitness studio.

We would like the name 'Rowtique' to be a household name. This is not just an indoor rowing fitness class it is a 'unique, technique, boutique' rowing studio. We are targeting affluent women looking to escape their busy lifestyles. They are interested in staying in shape, but are turned off by large gyms with no personal connection. These women are open to new forms of fitness and are looking not just for a new fitness class, but a new experience, community and escape to clear their minds.


Shawali's picture
1295 pencils

This is very underwhelming, I must admit.

Playing with the initials is an old and overused idea. The result here is very left heavy, which throws the whole composition off balance; It's also pretty much uninspired to say the least.

Spend more time doing market research, getting inspired on Pinterest and sketch for hours on end.

Keep it up!

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