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International unisex sports equipment company logo (Mojo Athletica)

Brief from client 

The client wants a logo for his company that represents energy and It should work for both male and female.
He will put it on clothes, bottles, and other sports equipment.
He want it to be able to stand alone without the text also, He also mentioned that he prefer it to be a lettermark, Typography, Pictorial, Or abstract.

This logo is simply an "M" shaped like a circle in the color red
It can also work with different colors.

What improvements can I do to make this logo better?


Shawali's picture
1331 pencils

This is looking pretty good I have to say.

The symbol is really cool. Very memorable and basically works on every level.

The font is cool, although I would have looked for a complimenting one for the subtext.

Not a fan of the composition though. The symbol and the word mark seems disconnected.

Good job overall.

Mazen_Shokair's picture

I know that the words and the symbol seems disconnected a bit but he will use nearly only the symbol as he said.

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