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iOme Fitness Indoor Garden Gym

Brief from client 

Client wanted to reflect that they are an alternative fitness company - an indoor garden floral gym located in an old victorian barn in the country side. Brand is high end and wants to attract both male and female ages 40+. They are a quirky and creative fitness brand and want a logo that highlights this.

Logo uses the brand colours to create a flower incased in a suggested 'barn'. Lots of hints re nature but also an attempt to use font type to suggest the creative alternative side to the brand.


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I don't understand the leaning frame around the flower. I also am not certain the flower works. You could go with something so much organic and simpler to convey the flower idea. Could you explain the iOme? Not certain about the name, which I realize you can't change, but it might help us understand what you're trying to accomplish.

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Hi. Thanks so much for your input. Their brand iOme stands for 'I Owe Me' as in 'You Owe Fitness To Yourself'. They have asked that a flower be included in the logo as well as the suggestion of their alternative location. I opted For a brown frame to suggest the barn that they are based in. I don't think their barn in leaning ( well I hope not) but I thought it looked better than straight barn shape over a flower. (This is my first graphic design job so I really most grateful for the above input).

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Not bad for your first attempt. But that flower looks very clip art, which make the brand look generic. All those colors are pretty to look at, but cause many problems when actually marketing it. The frame doesn't make any suggestion of representing a barn, so I don't think anyone who didn't know would see it as a barn.
I think you should simplify this down a lot. Spend some time on and Pinterest looking at other logos and you'll see how effective a "simple" logo can be. Then I'd draw lots and lots of flowers- I mean try to come up with 50 flowers that are all different- sounds like a lot of work.......but logos ARE a lot of work! In drawing these you will stumble across some cool ways of making a flower for sure! Same with the barn idea (if it is absolutely necessary in the logo). Try to stay under 3 colors, Big rule to follow- a great logo still works in only black and white!
Good luck = )

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Thanks very much for this. That's really helpful advice

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I like it, but my concerns are over reproducability of the colors and textures in the flower. Are they open to an alternate version of the flower, in that place, to account for printer limitations on merchandise, or in B&W print? My only other concern is the very thin print on the subheading. That will look fine on a web page or printed large, but will fade quickly on smaller print, and wear off quickly on some items.

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