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JH Tackett Marketing

Brief from client 

We are a marketing company serving all your printing needs

JH Tackett Marketing logo


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There is a whole lot wrong here. Starting with the most glaring offense, if you are a printing specialist then you need to know the difference between RGB and CMYK. You can't print these colors without spot inks, even then the neon green is unreadable. The rounded font is dated and the spacing between JT - TACKETT is very awkward. The two fonts don't fit well, they are too similar so it almost looks like you tried to match them and failed. The shadow and fuzzy bar look like afterthoughts and the monogram, while functional, really has no imagination and being a different font from the main text doesn't tie together. Hats!? why the capital H? Why Hats? And why are we excited about it! If its to be silly and catch peoples attention, sure that works, but it doesn't tell anything about what they do. If anything people are going to think they only sell hats, don't forget people are not always that bright.

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Everything Fred just said is spot on.

Another thing. The letter spacing on the bottom line is ridiculous, there's hardly any difference between the space between letters and the space between words, making the whole thing look like one huge word.

If I were looking for a marketing and printing specialist, I'd turn right around and happily run to your competitors. If you can't get your OWN logo right, how would I expect you to do a good job on mine?

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