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Brief from client 

Client wants to have an icon that recreates a house/building with the letters "J" and "L".
He is starting his architecture firm

Trying this again, some how last post was deleted.


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Did you see my comment on the previous post? Sucks it got deleted. I pretty much said you should brainstorm visuals that make JLRD unique and then sketch some ideas. Right now it looks like you are just trying to force JL to form into a house by adding windows and a roof. Are there any specificmeterials or techniques they use? What makes them different from their competitors?

In 2 seconds I quickly sketched 2 ideas I had, the idea of the initials being made out of brick, and the idea of a roof, similar to what you have. Hope that helps.

Also explore different fonts, this one doesn't feel right to me.

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I did not get a chance to see the previous reply.
I actually did some sketches, that's how I came along this, totally different idea from what the client first supplied me with since I did not like their idea at all.
I really dig the second idea, you sketch and how you wrapped the text around the icon, however, the client was pretty sold to have the text under the icon as well as using this specific font, as this is a font he uses on all of his blueprints.
I will try to talk him into different fonts, I don't feel this font with the icon either.

Thanks for the input and the idea of the second sketch

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