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JN Design

Brief from client 

Hello i'm a student media from the netherlands. i would like to have feedback on my personal logo.

Corevalues: eager to learn, initiative-rich and creative
Archetypes: Innocent


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Remove "design" and you'll have something that can work as simple visual signature. It'll still need a lot of fine tuning, especially with the loop on the left and the pointy bit in the middle.

But the way "design" is placed and looks brings the whole thing down. As much as you can, keep things simple and have all your texts on a horizontal baseline. Otherwise, it just gets in the way of legibility. Also, the kerning (the individual space between each character) is way off. It especially fucks up the ligatures that this font so desperately needs to look good.

Keep it up!

PS: I just realize now that the symbol spells JN. Well, no one will see it, but as I said, it can work as a graphic signature on its own. Remember that a logo should be more memorable than informative. If you feel you need to, have an iteration with a work mark.

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Hi JN,

The concept of your logo is simple and done quite decent.

My biggest issue is that I only knew it was a J&N combined because of your username.

In order to improve your logo I would suggest to look into color-usage.

By giving the J and the N different colors and make them blend via a gradient could be a good way to emphasise on the concept.

I agree with Shawali to remove the design part, its just clutter and doesn’t add anything.


I assume you are a classmate of Bari, maybe you can help him with his logo.
He tried to do the same thing but it didn’t work out quite well.

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