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Junn - Creative Digital Agency

Brief from client 

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OK, we are down to the little things now.

Try another with the top and bottom of the typo aligned with the right side of the cube. It will give the cube a more 3D effect... I think. And Bring it all into frame.

AND- definitely try some other fonts. (I am a sucker for Arial and Helvetica..clean and classic) The typewriter isn't working.

ALSO- Something is going on that cuts off the bottom of the J and U?

AFTER that you are going to need to work on you "dots" in the symbol. The perspective is off and they may need to be yellow. : ) .

BTW- I am not the SUPER #1 BEST logo guy.. This is just my thinking. I could be completely wrong.

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Better than version 4, not as good as version 1.

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I know this will sound funny but it looks too 'boxy' now.
You still have too many dots and connections, try reducing them to say... 3 or 4 only to improve visibility and strength.

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