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Just redesigned this for an Islamic Radio brand. How'd I do? *hides*

Brief from client 

The client was basically content with their previous logo but I was itching to give them a redesign because the previous logo hurt my eyes. This is what I ended up doing based on their goals of wanting younger people to tune-in, more listeners which is basically what every radio station wants. Didn't exactly have a brief for this.

Just found out about this amazing community and I'm posting here for the first time! *fingers crossed*

Peace, mercy and love are the essence of Islam. Waves subtly forming the shape of a heart depict that Radio Islam will be promoting these essential principles through its radio shows. The smooth lines and heart shape communicate approachability and progressiveness, particularly making it inviting for younger audiences for whom the barrier to listen to the show, has been a high one. The colors and their gradations create a sense of warmth and open-ness.

I'm kind of out of practice at the moment and would love to improve my work. I would love all feedback regardless of whether it's positive or negative! Can't wait to hear what you think!


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Hi! Thanks for your post. Two things: first, as it is clearly explained on the upload page, you are allowed only one single logo per post. You can post additional images in the comment section. Your post is going to be eventually edited.

Second, can you please remove the mail and the Instagram link, please? Your mail is available for anyone to see in your profile page. As for the link, we get dozens of spammy posts on daily basis and want to be sure that people posting are only seeking for feedback from fellow designer and not advertise themselves.

Besides this, your logo proposal is looking pretty cool so far, although I can see room for improvement. But I agree with you, the original logo is one hell of an eye sore ;)


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Amazing work! Great logo and pallet choice. Maybe some of the space between the loops in the heart could be rounded a little more. But overall, I love this!

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