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Las Vegas Knights logo

Brief from client 

Logo proposal for Las Vegas Knights.

Logo proposal for Las Vegas Knights ice hockey team.


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The entire symbol - is a stylized shape of Nevada with a blade of a hockey stick for " L " , tip of the knight's sword for " V " and then partial " K ". Decided to use silver to honor the state of Nevada.

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A design concept is not a skeleton key that will unlock all design problems. You can't apply the same technique to everything and expect good results or a good reaction from your audience.

Try something entirely new, a novel approach. Stretch yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and see what you're really capable of. This remains my chief critique of all the work you've posted, which you seem to ignore every time.

That said, you're trying to cram in too much into this. It's a state. It's a hockey stick. It's a sword. It's a set of letter initials. And none of it except the state shape comes through because it's too convoluted, cluttered, and unclear.

And you spent zero time on the typography. You found a font you like and typed it. "Las Vegas" is too thin when reduced to that size. The text overall has no sense of proportion to the big block logo next to it, nor a similarity of style that would tie them together. What if the angles in the letters matched the ones used in the logo? What if the corners were sharp instead of curved? What if there was a bold outline, to match the logo? What if that border or text used the alternate shade of grey, as seen in the sword tip?

Speaking of color, I realize that silver is important to Nevada's history but a strictly black and white color scheme is drab and needs flash. You know what else Nevada is well-known for? Opal. Turquoise. Copper. A little color goes a long way to give a design some style and broad appeal.

These are all missed opportunities because you failed to spend any time thinking about them.

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Cramming each initial of each word into one symbol looks really tacky. As Unterm Rad pointed out, you have loads of missed opportunities here.

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