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Law firm

Brief from client 

Logo for lawyer, a sole practitioner. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Charles Rayo's picture
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This is only my subjective opinion.
Firstly, the idea, I thought it is not understandable to all people.
Secondly, the blue letters "mm" merge and are a little difficult to take. The point at the end needs to be made smaller.
I like the combination of light and dark shades, but combination of blue and black is not for me.

Calgary Guy's picture
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Thanks for the feedback, Charles.

The idea with the dot is to suggest a period. i.e. Best Lawyer, period.

Good point with the merging ligature in the 'mm' - I think it is less visually confusing when the logo is smaller than in this image, which it normally would be (for example, on letter head). But I'll have to consider that.

cooperads's picture
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In my humble estimation, this logo does not convey a serious lawyer. Take some time to research law firm logos. This is sitting at a computer and typing some letters. It doesn't show a lot of thought.

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